Green Hybrid 32

Facts about the product

  • Natural grass: 40%
  • Artificial grass: 60%
  • Hole size: 26 x 64 mm. (+/-10%)
  • Colour: Natural grass green
  • Pile height: 18 mm.

Environmental explanation

All our hybrid grass products are tested according to European standard DIN18035-7 and documentation can be provided upon request.

Description of Green Hybrid 32

Green Hybrid 32 is a durable product suitable for high-traffic areas. The blades are made from 100% polyethylene (PE) and these are knitted in a honeycomb structured mesh. Nordic Lawn’s own pins are used for securing Green Hybrid 32.

Nordic Lawn’s pins are Danish produced and custom-made from environmentally friendly material. These pins are made from a biodegradable plastic material. This means that over time the pins decompose without leaving any residual material, such as micro plastic.

Use Green Hybrid 32 for:

School playgrounds, playgrounds, golf courses, slopes, public spaces and other places with high activity and lots of wear.

Before & after photo