Green ProBoost

Green ProBoost Grass Seed

Facts about the product

Description of Green ProBoost

Green ProBoost grass seeds are high-quality seeds coated with fertilizer to make a faster and stronger establishment of the natural grass.

Combine Green ProBoost with our Green Hybrid products and you will experience a quicker transformation of your grass area into a usable, better-looking and greener lawn.


  • Faster establishment by up to 30%.
  • Improved utilization of nutrients in the first period of the grass plants.
  • A better and more uniform establishment with up to 34% more plants and up to 30% longer roots.
  • The lawn becomes more stress-tolerant and hard-wearing.
  • Reduce water consumption by up to 15%.

Where to use Green ProBoost:

Use Green ProBoost anywhere you would use our Green Hybrid products.

That could be at school playgrounds, playgrounds, golf courses, slopes, public spaces and other places with high activity and lots of wear.

Green ProBoost Lawn