Green Hybrid grass

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The best of both worlds

Bad weather, general wear and high activity lead to poor growing conditions for grass. Natural grass will often not grow in areas with a lot of shade or wet soil. This is a well-known problem at sports facilities, playgrounds and golf courses.

Where artificial grass has previously been used to create a continuous green and beautiful lawn, there is now a solution that combines the best of both worlds. The full, green expression of artificial grass and the unprocessed feeling of natural grass are combined in this product.

Green Hybrid grass is rolled out over the natural lawn, which over time means that the natural grass will blend with the artificial grass. Hybrid grass creates a lovely, green look and helps to protect the fragile natural grass to give it the best possible growing conditions. 

Green Hybrid - Before and after

green-hybrid-grass-playground green-hybrid-grass-playground

What is Green Hybrid grass made of?

Hybrid Grass Construction

Our Green Hybrid grass is made of the same material as artificial grass, but in a smaller quantity. The blades of grass are made of polyethylene (PE) and these are knitted in a honeycomb structured mesh allowing the natural grass to grow through.

Green Hybrid is just one of many types of hybrid grass. Compared to other types, Green Hybrid requires less maintenance and no prior construction work. Green Hybrid is incredibly easy to install and requires no major prior construction work.

Examples of the use of hybrid grass

The advantages of hybrid grass

Greener lawns

Less maintenance

Incredibly durable

Easy installation

No bare patches

Natural result

Why choose hybrid grass?

The combination of blades of natural grass and artificial grass means Green Hybrid lawns remain green all year round. Even when the weather turns the natural grass yellow, the hybrid grass provides a greener colour that makes the lawn look nice and well-groomed.

Green Hybrid hybrid grass is suitable for areas of high activity such as school playgrounds, sports fields, etc. The Hybrid Grass mesh is made of durable latex and acts as a protective layer over the natural grass. This means you avoid muddy areas and bare patches on the lawn.

Hybrid grass can be mowed just like natural grass, as the natural blades grow up through the holes in the hybrid grass mesh. When choosing hybrid grass you don’t have to worry about a lawn that fades. Green Hybrid has been developed with the aim of having a lovely, green lawn all year round, and the materials do not fade despite harsh weather or poor growing conditions.

Green Hybrid hybrid grass is easy to install and requires no prior construction work, which ordinary artificial grass does. Ordinary artificial grass is laid on top of a prepared substrate, much like tiles. The only preparatory work required for Green Hybrid is to sow grass seed or to mow the grass as short as possible.

Request installation instructions, where we show how easy it is to install Green Hybrid hybrid grass.

The design of the mesh for Green Hybrid helps the natural grass to grow up between the artificial grass blades and blend with the hybrid grass. This ensures a more natural result than with ordinary artificial grass.

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