Green Hybrid 32+

Facts about the product

Description of Green Hybrid 32+

Green Hybrid 32+ is simply an extension of the durable Green Hybrid 32 product. If you require a hybrid grass for a sports field, where a more even grass surface is desired, then Green Hybrid is the right choice. The blades are longer than those of Green Hybrid 32. Therefore, the grass can be dressed by brushing growing medium between the blades. The blades are made from 100% polyethylene (PE) and these are knitted in a honeycomb structured mesh. Green Hybrid 32+ is secured using Nordic Lawn’s own pins.

Nordic Lawn’s pins are Danish produced and custom-made from environmentally friendly material. These pins are made from a biodegradable plastic material. This means that over time the pins decompose without leaving any residual material, such as micro plastic.

Use Green Hybrid 32+ for:

Sports fields, teeing grounds, golf courses and other sports facilities

Environmental explanation

All our hybrid grass products are tested according to European standard DIN18035-7 and documentation can be provided upon request.