Green Hybrid 22

Facts about the product

Description of Green Hybrid 22

Green Hybrid 22 is an extremely durable product. It is very well suited for the high-activity areas exposed to maximum wear. From above, it looks almost like a closed artificial turf system, but when you look at the backing, you can see the small holes that allow the natural grass to grow through it, resulting in a gorgeous, natural and lasting result.

Nordic Lawn’s pins are Danish-produced and made specifically from environmentally friendly materials. These pins are made from a biodegradable plastic material. This means that, over time, the pins decompose without leaving any residual material such as micro plastic.

Use Green Hybrid 22 for:

Areas exposed to extreme wear such as walking areas, tees, slopes, hills and festival areas.

Environmental explanation

All our hybrid grass products are tested according to European standard DIN18035-7 and documentation can be provided upon request.