Frequently asked questions

At Nordic Lawn, we often receive questions about hybrid grass. It is not a difficult process to install hybrid grass – but in order to achieve the optimum result, you need background knowledge about the product, its assembly and maintenance. As Europe’s only company with a reseller agreement for Green Hybrid products, we also have in-depth knowledge. You can find answers to our frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer(s) you seek, you are always welcome to give us a call on: (+45) 28 70 19 61 or e-mail:

Hybrid grass is in principle artificial grass – just in smaller quantities. It is designed so that natural grass can grow up through the mesh and blend with the artificial blades. It produces the beautiful green look of artificial grass, and the natural feeling you know from a well-groomed natural lawn.

Depending on the type of hybrid grass you choose, a different percentage of natural grass will grow through the hybrid grass mesh. At Nordic Lawn we distribute two different types of hybrid grass where the percentages of natural grass and artificial grass are as follows:

  • Green Hybrid 32: Approx. 60% artificial grass and 40% natural grass
  • Green Hybrid 43: Approx. 40% artificial grass and 60% natural grass

Green Hybrid is produced from the same material as ordinary artificial grass. The blades of grass are made of polyethylene (PE), while the black mesh on which the blades are sewn is made of durable latex. The hybrid grass mesh has holes through which natural grass can grow. Therefore, hybrid grass uses less artificial material than other well-known artificial grass.

Green Hybrid hybrid grass is neither harmful to health, nor is commonly known artificial grass, which is produced from the same material. Therefore, it’s safe to use hybrid grass in nurseries, on playgrounds and sports fields. Allergic reactions will only occur if users are hypersensitive to substances used in artificial grass.

In some cases, an INFILL material is used in artificial grass used on full-size sports fields. Back in 2008, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency conducted a study on the environmental and health impacts of using SBR granulate as INFILL material. SBR granules are rubber granules made from recycled rubber. The conclusion was that no health risk was associated with the use of rubber granules, since the amount of the carcinogenic substances are minimal.

Green Hybrid hybrid grass is a healthier alternative to artificial grass. The production of hybrid grass requires less plastic than artificial grass. Hybrid grass does not “strangle” natural grass when laid on top of an existing lawn. Instead, the natural grass grows through the hybrid mesh, after which the blades spread.

Of course, hybrid grass has a greater environmental impact than natural grass, but hybrid grass is not in itself harmful to the environment. Upon request, we can present leaching reports on all our products. These show a minimal leaching of the product.

Green Hybrid requires no special maintenance and can be treated in the same way as ordinary natural grass. However, machines that cut into the grass should not be used as they will destroy the hybrid grass mesh. These include, among other things, moss removers, vertical cutters and aerators.

Green Hybrid hybrid grass has a long lifespan. At Nordic Lawn, we provide a 5-year warranty on these products. Green Hybrid hybrid grass is a durable product that can withstand traffic and weather conditions.