Bunker Fix

Facts about the product

  • Hole size: 55 x 58 mm. (+/-10%)
  • Colour: Sand-coloured
  • Pile height: 30 mm.

Description of Bunker Fix

Bunker Fix is a product typically used in bunkers on golf courses. Bunker Fix is laid as the bottom layer, before sand is placed on top. The product consists of a honeycomb structured mesh. Onto which is knitted 60 mm PE monofilament. The sand-coloured look camouflages it in the sand.

Unlike our other products, Bunker Fix is sand-coloured so that it completely blends in with the sand in the bunker. Bunker Fix protects bunkers and prevents erosion.

Use bunker fix for:

Protection against erosion in bunkers on golf courses

Environmental explanation

All our products are tested according to European standard DIN18035-7 and documentation can be provided upon request.